2018 Ohio FFA Alumni Annual Business Meeting & Awards Sponsors

Robinson Fund; ​Beeler Farms; ​VinMay Farms; ​J. Fisher

​D & M Withers; R. L. Fisher; Sylvester Furman; Brad & Stephanie Beach;

Bruce & Mitzi Martin; Talawanda FFA Alumni; Allstate Insurance

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Ohio FFA State Officer "Life Time" memberships sponsored by:

Ohio FFA Alumni

​Brad & Stephanie Beach

R.L. Fisher and Boone Restoration

Donors & Supporters:

Website Sponsored by:

R.L. Fisher- 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Donors for Ohio FFA Alumni Auction

Wellington FFA Alumni

​R. L. Fisher

​Creatively Inspired

​Hickory River Smokehouse- Dan Davis, Owner

​Newton FFA Alumni

​Talawanda FFA Alumni

Mr. Ted Hughes

​Jodi Hassan

​Bruce & Mitzi Martin

​Arlington FFA Alumni

Hardin-Northern FFA Alumni

Sheridan FFA Alumni

Larry & MaeAnna Lindamood

Charles Hart

Howard & Peggy Anderson

Tilford Family

Zimmer Tractor

Utica FFA Alumni

S.M. Neff Construction

​Ohio State Grange

​New Lexington FFA Alumni

Ohio FFA Alumni Sponsors & Ohio County

2018 Farm Science Review Booth  Sponsored by:

Beeler Farms and 


Thank You to our Donors and Sponsors

Ohio FFA Supporters

Whether it be a large corporation, a small business, or family farm, companies realize the strong values, work ethic, and experience that FFA provides students and brings to their places of employment. Supporters of the FFA and FFA Alumni give back so all Agriculture Education and FFA students are given opportunities to develop premier leadership, personal growth, and career success which grows leaders, builds communities, and strengthens Agriculture. Without Agriculture, our world would lack food, fiber, and the natural resources necessary to sustain life in every form.

The Ohio FFA Alumni Association is paying it forward through scholarships, sponsorship, and through Life Time membership for our Ohio FFA State Officers. These projects allow FFA students to learn and experience life values which will enhance their careers in the Agriculture industry so they too can volunteer their experiences through time, financial resources and mentorship. It is all about sustaining every path of Agriculture’s future. We are also visiting FFA Chapters across our state and helping them start FFA Alumni Chapters in order to receive valuable resources for their Agricultural pursuits. 

We always welcome sponsors and supporters. Without your help, we could not accomplish these pursuits and projects. All of us on Council are former FFA members and we support and sponsor outside of the Association as leaders and volunteers of our local FFA Alumni Chapters. 

If you would like to support these efforts and have your name or business listed across the state of Ohio, donations can be mailed to the Ohio FFA Alumni Association by using the form attached ( Click Button Below). Thank you for your continuing support.

**If you wish to sponsor or donate and not disclose amount given, we respect this and will only list your name or name of business and county.